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Need more storage? No problem. 
Discover why our barns are the perfect fit for all your storage needs. 

What We Offer: 

  • 16" Wall Studs O.C. 

  • Roof Overhang

  • Solar Board OSB 

  • 10 Year Limited Warranty* 

Our utility sheds come with the standard a-frame roof line and 8' walls!  

Our Storage Buildings come with a barn style roof and 75" walls! 

Upgrade Packages:

G A R A G E 

  • One 24" x 36" Window

  • One 9Lite Door

  • Floor Joists on 12"

  • One Roll Up Door

F R O N T   P O R C H 

  • Two 24"x36" Windows

  • One 9Lite Door

S I D E   P O R C H 

  • Two 24"x26" Windows

  • One 9Lite Door

D E L U X E 

  • Four 24"x36" Windows

  • One 9Lite Door

T H E   L E G A C Y 

  • Transom Dormers

  • Double Doors with Transom Windows

  • Two  24"x 36" Windows

Call or email us to get an estimate today! 

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